Is Strength Training Important In A Successful Workout Routine?

Over the years, the concept of losing weight has met with many theories; some have proved successful and others have failed miserably. Today, the general belief is that in order to shed those extra pounds we must include strength training to get the job done. We are all encouraged to add strength training in our lives to make sure that our body continues to build up muscle but at the same time create a caloric deficit so that we can focus on burning our fat.

However, there are some people who are clearly experiencing some level of frustration about the concept of actually doing any strength training and whether or not it will be of any real benefit to them. According to and Fit Day,

Unless a person has diagnosed injuries, sicknesses or other limiting issues, strength training is a wonderful tool. Women are sometimes afraid that strength training will lead to big, bulky muscles and an unfeminine shape. In reality, the contrary is true. Through combining proper cardio and strength training techniques, women can tone their muscles and increase deflation.

Basically what this means is that your ability to do strength training will be determined on a case-by-case study.

Is Strength Training Enough?

Yes, strength training can build muscles by themselves. Lean muscle in turn will burn fat even when it is resting. However, that said, it is important for you to understand that lean muscle is only as good as what can be seen. If it is hidden under layers and layers of fat then chances are no matter how much strength training you do, it will not make you burn fat. You will need to combine your strength training with some cardio to help shed away that top layer of fat that is covering over your beautifully toned muscles.

The Right Plan

In order to get the desired results that you want you need to follow a specific fitness program that will incorporate your strength training into your daily schedule. You need to remember that if your muscles have not been worked sufficiently, then the chances of your body fighting of the excess fat and building muscle will be defeated.

Get with a trainer to make sure that you're doing the right number of sets and repetitions in order to reach your goals. Don't worry about bulking up as this is not likely to happen anyway unless you have a little help from your friends Mr. Steroid and his cohorts. Instead start training on a regular basis and try to push yourself to the limit.

There are many fundamental aspects involved, so a good trainer could advise you best based on your particular circumstances; however, Health Central made this comment about getting the right amount of training,

Strength training is an intense workout! A good strength training session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes and in this case, quality is much more important than quantity. But no strength training session should last more than 45 minutes.

Always make sure that your workouts, whether they are strength training or cardio, focus on using the entire body. Without this one concept your exercise program will be similar to having a seat belt in the car for the driver. If there's an accident all the others are at a high risk of getting injured. Since your whole body is going along for the ride, then the whole body should be part of the workout. If that's the case, then make sure that all the muscles get to be a part of the action. Doing this can make a huge difference in whether or not your workout routine will really give you what you're looking for.